SEO Education Center offers a unique risk free SEO plan in which you pay based on results – you will only start paying once your website ranks on page 3 of the organic Search Engine Result pages (SERP's) on one of the internet's top search engines. You will never pay start up fees, hidden fees or increased fees with our service.

  • You contact us through our contact form or through a phone call. You provide us with information about the keywords for which you would like to be optimized. Or, we are happy to help you select the appropriate keywords.
  • We will then develop a clear, straightforward pricing quote for each keyword or group of keywords. We will answer all of your questions and finalize the keyword list.
  • To move forward, we will then request you to complete a brief sign-up form authorizing our company to work for you. We may collect your active credit card information to hold on file at this time. An initial deposit of 1/3 of total amount will be made at that time to your credit card. These funds will be applied toward your first payment once you begin to rank on page 3 of the SERPS for your keywords. Our system is setup to automatically refund your deposit in full on the 91st day if your rankings do not improve for at least 1/3 of your chosen keywords. If you are successful, it will be adjusted towards any fee that is due.
  • Once we have received the signed form, we will put our SEO team to work right away.
  • We are a rank based company. We earn 1/3 of our fee when your website ranks on page 3 of the organic Search Engine Result pages (SERP's). And 1/3 when your website ranks on the 2nd page and the remaining 1/3 when your keywords rank on the 1st page. There are no charges for Search Engine Results other than Google, Yahoo/Bing.
    We charge our fee based on your ranking on the same date every month which is the day of the start of your contract.
  • This contract is valid for a 6 month period.
  • For your contracted period of 6 months, we will continue to try to improve your keyword rankings in the top search engines. During this period, due to search engine algorithm changes, there may be fluctuations in your rankings after your keywords achieved top positions. We will not be issuing refunds when these fluctuations occur. However, we will continue with our best optimization efforts to try keep you in your high positions.
  • If you choose to transition to our maintenance program after your 6 month program is completed, we have discounted maintainence packages available to help you maintain your current top search engine positions.
  • We will provide you with a Mid-Month Ranking Report for each keyword selected via your e-mail address on record.
  • Because SEO is a process, we ask for a 6 month commitment from you to demonstrate results to you. The 6 month time campaign begins on the day that we receive your signed paperwork and have collected all required information to begin work.
  • We will likely ask you for administrative access to specific resources such as your website and analytics accounts. The success and pace of the campaign hinges on collaboration with our team.
  • If you are already on page 3 or another top position page, you will only be charged based on improvements we make, not on your current ranking. In the highly unlikely event that your website does not improve in rankings, you will not be charged a dime.


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